2D Animation

Logo animation / Advertisment / Short carton movies

Explainer videos

What do you need to provide us?

Storyboard – A brief description of the scenes in relation to the text
Voice – A recording of a narrator who utters the text of an advertisement
Music – Original or free for commercial purposes

Making process

We provide you with two versions of the scene design
Possibility of three revisions of the selected design

Animation delivery

Production deadline is 10 days
We deliver in HD, 2k or 4k resolution

Short cartoons / Animated videos

Service description

Production of unique illustrations of characters and ambiences in accordance with the submitted script of a cartoon or music video. If you don’t have a script, our team is here for you.

Making process

We provide a conceptual solution / illustration of each scene
Possibility of revision of each scene

Animation delivery

The deadline is estimated in relation to the duration of the animation
We deliver in HD, 2k or 4k resolution

Look at some of our work

Look at
some of our work

Explaner video
Kha Concepts Explaner video 2
Kha Concepts Explaner video 3

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