Conceptual design of Harley Davidsona

Conceptual design

The concept was inspired by first model of Harley Davidson, which is where the idea for a spring fork came from. The line is more modern and deviates from the classic Harley models, the seat is lower, the steering wheel is longer, and additional shock absorber is fitted under the seat to make the ride more comfortable.

Chromium was used in combination with black metallic paint, and the idea is – model exclusively in that combination of colors and materials.

The media

The concept was made as a graduation thesis, however, after the announcement on social networks, there was an interest of the media, so articles in Telegraf, Blic, Ekspres appeared, and there was a guest appearance in Tv Pink’s morning program. In 2016, the work was proclaimed the best work in the field of industrial design in Serbia and the opportunity arose to present the model at the Car and Motor Show “Motopassion 2017.”


The Harley Davidson model was hand made based on technical documentation. The size of the model directly depended on the accessibility of the material, so the scale of the technical documentation, ie. the thickness of the frame depended on the thickness of the wire we could find and use.

The frame is made of wire, which is bent based on draft, wheels made of plywood and thin wires, while coated with git. The seat and tank were made of styrofoam coated with git, where it was only necessary to accurately shape the surfaces. After getting the desired shape, the parts were painted with black and gray metallic spray and the model got desired shape.

Motopassion 2017

The concept, that is, the Harley Davidson model, was presented at the Belgrade Car and Motor Show “Motopassion 2017”, where it attracted a lot of attention, positive comments, and photos and professional videos were used for marketing purposes and to promote the concept itself.

Harley Davidson model is now on display at Belgrade Polytechnic, so students from the „Industrial Product Design“ section can view it and serve as a motivation for their further education and work.

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Conceptual design of Harley Davidsona

Presentation of the Harley Davidson concept design at the "Motopassion 2017" - car and motorcycle fair.
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