About Us

About Us

Dušan Đokić

Generalni direktor (Chief Executive Officer)


Graphic design /Illustrations / Creating visual identities
Web Design and Development / App Design / SEO Optimization / Web Shop
2D Animation / Commercials / Short Cartoons
Industrial Design / Construction / 3D Modeling / Rendering


Adobe Illustrator /Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects / Adobe Premier Pro
Pro Engineer  / Creo Parametric + KeyShot
3Ds Max + vRay
Adobe XD


The idea for Kha Concepts Design Studio creation came quite spontaneously in 2013, after the great success of the first conceptual design version of Harley Davidson, which in addition to social media also attracted media attention, and found itself in media articles and TV shows, followed by a series of business offers. Initially, in the field of industrial design, and later the need to create logos, product presentations through websites, videos was created. Thus, the first team of Kha Concepts was formed, consisting of industrial and graphic designer, as well as web developer.


In addition to internal projects, conceptual solutions for industrial products, Kha Concepts team has simultaneously worked on service design, applying our knowledge and creativity to clients’ requirements. From the very beginning, we strive to do, everything we do, with utmost dedication and, before all the preliminary solutions, to do a good research of the market, so that appearance of the product, logo, or web site will be original, striking and competitive, according to the client’s activity.

The goal was to unify all areas of design and provide the client with “All Inclusive” service. Market research and business plan development are the basis of every business, followed by logo design and visual identity creation, product design, prototyping and presentation of existing product, with branding, followed by web site or store design, video, animation, and so on, right down to the ambience design (interior and exterior).

Clients have recognized our expertise, ambition, speed and competitiveness with the price of our services.

Our team

Kha Concepts is a team of professionals who are constantly striving for improvement. Design should not be shared, because we believe that good and experienced designer can apply his creativity and knowledge (knowledge of shapes, colors and organization of space) to all areas of design: creating visual identities, decorating the ambience, product design, web design or video presentation, animation… Accordingly, our team is enriched with experts in all fields, so today we have in our team: graphic designer, industrial designer, web developer, video and audio designer, photographer, and also a team of professional models (for professional photography purposes), as well as music and photo studio.

In addition to the permanent team, Kha Concepts has strong collaboration with several design faculties as well as consultations with the professors from those faculties.

Prizes and awards

Our results are most likely to speak about us, and behind us are dozens of newspaper articles, TV interviews, as well as models presentation at the 2017 Motopassion Car and Motor Show in Belgrade. The Harley Davidson concept was named for the best industrial design work in Serbia for 2016.


After six years of existence, over hundred successful projects and clients who have always returned and renewed the cooperation, projects that have had great success in the market, we wanted to try ourselves at entrepreneurship and materialize some of our ideas. The first product that was materialized and launched is the Oktopod Tripod, a flexible mobile phone holder that allows self-shooting. In just a few months it has been a huge success, the brand is recognizable and design studio Kha Concepts grows into a company that besides design is engaged in entrepreneurship and acquires serious companies for partners.

Few more of our products are under development..